About River City Books

Here's our story

The History

River City Books is an independent bookstore located in Soldotna, Alaska. It was established in 1999, giving it a 20+ year history in the area. 

The store had two other nearby locations before Peggy, the owner, decided to build and settle in its current, beautiful home!

The Land

The current store location is on old Mullen family homesteading land, having been in the family for over 70 years. Over those years, it served as farmland, a laundromat, and a horse pasture before becoming overgrown with trees and brush.

Today, the land provides a lovely setting for the bookstore, with wooded areas surrounding it, beautiful (and edible!) landscaping, and little trails winding through the yard.

The Building

When the owner, Peggy Mullen, decided to stop renting locations and build her own store, she was very mindful about creating an environmentally friendly building. The large windows provide plenty of natural sunlight, and that sunlight also provided energy through the multiple solar panels on the roof and sides of the building. 

The store also has LED lighting and an efficient ventilation system, to allow for air circulation. The exposed wood and steel trusses, wood shelving and accents give the bookstore a warm environment. In keeping with being as “green” as possible, there is also a charging station for electric vehicles in the parking lot.

Our History

Our first location.

Our second location.

Our third, and final, location!